BRT Bladeworks

Dao Kwaiken

Oal - 9.1”

Blade - 4.75”

Steel - .205” CPM 3V

Handle - Epoxy hardened black Tsuka Ito with hammered titanium menuki

Sheath - Tek lok ready kydex 

Price - $525 + $15 Priority Sh

International sh add about $35


Oka Kwaiken

Oal - 9.1”

blade - 5”

Steel - .205” CPM 3V 

Handle - Epoxy hardened black on white tsuka ito with Zirc menuki

sheath - Kydex 

Price - $575 + $15 Priority sh

International shipping adds about $35


OSS Collectors set

 “Collectors set” of my OSS thumb daggers. This 4pc set includes single edge and dagger ground versions of my popular OSS thumb knives. These are in CPM 154 steel. Blades are 4” and 6” oal. 

$550 shipped 

OSS Thumb dagger

4” and 6” OSS Thumb daggers

These are my version on the classic WWII era OSS thumb daggers. This batch is made from CPM 154 stainless steel.

I have two versions a 4” oal and a 6” oal

4” oal - $135 ea shipped Sold Out

6” oal - $160 ea shipped 

They include a kydex sheath. 

BDU Belt knife

BDU Belt Knife

This is one of my classic designs I don’t make as often anymore, the BDU Bet knife. A great all around knife for EDC, utility, hunting, you name it. The simple lines and proven blade shape can do it all.

Blade - 4.3” 

Oal - 8.3”

Steel - .175” CPM 3V

Handle - Rare true black Tero Tuf with Stainless flared tube hardware.
Sheath - Kydex. Ready for any 3/4” spaced belt clip or mount.
Price - $395 + $15 Priority Sh

email for International sh quote

Custom Gyuto

215mm Curly Koa Gyuto

This one of a kind 215mm gyuto features a 1095 blade with a beautiful and unique polished hamon reminiscent of a Snow capped mountain range. It has a nicely rounded spine and choil  which lends to a comfortable range of grip options.
My signature copper/carbon fiber pins nicely accent the exhibition grade curly koa handle over a tapered tang. 

Oal - 13.4”

blade - 8.5”  (215mm) tip to handle 

steel - .125” 1095 with nice distal taper and a thin edge

handle - exhibition grade Stabilized curly koa with black g10 liners on a tapered tang.  

Comes in zippered case

Price - $1200 + $15 Sh

Custom paring knife San mai

San mai Parer

This blade is V-toku2 stainless clad San mai, a Japanese made steel. It has a laser edge and needle point. The handle is custom micarta with my signature copper/carbon fiber pins . Oal is 7.5” with a 3.5” blade. This thing will make your veggies tremble with fear. 

Oal - 7.5”

Blade - 3.5”

Steel - V-toku2 San mai

Handle - Custom made micarta

Comes in a zippered case 

$395 + $15 Priority sh


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