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Forged Titanium ramen spoons

 Now available, forged titanium ramen/pho spoons. 

These are forged in my shop using aircraft grade .070” 6al4v titanium. These will not bend, or break and will certainly outlive you and I both!

Oal - 6.7”

Bowl - 1.75”x2.75”

Weight - 1.4oz

$85 ea. $10 Priority shipping in the US. 


Titanium Fish Spatula

Titanium Fish Spatula / slotted turner


($15.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Material - 6al4v Titanium w/ solid copper rivets

OAL - 13.2"

Flexible head


Titanium spatula

Tired of cheap flimsy spatulas? So was I. So I created the full titanium spatula. Made from aircraft grade 6al4v titanium and rivet with solid copper rivets. These are built to last for generations. If you cook with cast iron or stainless, these are the perfect addition to your kitchen. And they are dishwasher safe!
Oal - 13.1”

Blade - 3” x 5.4”

Price - $95 + $15 Priority sh


Aphid Ti Tool

Aphid Ti tool


($5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Aphid Ti Tool​

Bottle opener, mini pry bar, screwdriver

2.5" oal

.140" 6al4v Titanium

Weighs only .3oz

​$37 + $5 shipping

Titanium Cutlery

Titanium sporks and cutlery

Hand forged titanium Sporks, forks and spoons.

These are cut out and then hand forged from .071" 6al4v titanium. Every one is slightly different and unique. Colors are for example only, they will all vary.

These are the last eating tool you will ever need, these are built to last a lifetime and keep on going!!

#1 stubby fork w/ bottle opener OAL 6" $50 SOLD OUT

#2 Fork OAL 7.4"   $50 SOLD OUT

#3  Soup spork   OAL 7.2"   $85 SOLD OUT

#4  extra long spork  OAL 8.7"   $65

#5   Soup Spoon  OAL  7.2"   $85 SOLD OUT

#6   Tea Spoon   OAL 6.2"  $55 SOLD OUT

Priority shipping adds $10

Buy 3 and receive free shipping!